Ghost Bike memorializes Wellesley cyclist

Ghost Bike WellesleyUPDATE (Nov. 12.2012): Apparently the bike has disappeared as of Monday. We’ve reached out to Wellesley Police and other town officials to learn whether the bike might have been removed by the town for any reason (this has happened in other communities). Ghost Bikes have also been swiped by those who use the parts.

A Ghost Bike has appeared at the Linden Street/Weston Road spot where Wellesley resident Alex Motsenigos was killed over the summer when hit by a truck. Thanks to a reader for passing along the photo.

Ghost Bikes have shown up around the Boston area in recent years, and unfortunately in recent months as well, as a way to remember those cyclists who have been killed and to create awareness for driver and cyclist safety. Learn more about the grassroots Ghost Bikes here.

An earlier memorial to Motsenigos included flowers, pictures and other mementos. An education fund has also been established for his son.

Wellesley police identified the driver of the truck involved in the accident but no charges have been filed, as the investigation continues.