No Holly Trolley again this year in Wellesley

A reader inquired this week about whether the Holly Trolley might be back on the shopping streets of Wellesley this holiday season, but it won’t be, according to the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce, whose members have funded the free transportation in the past.

“Costs got prohibitive, but we do hear from people that they miss it,” says Maura O’Brien, president and CEO of the Chamber.

From what we can figure, the trolley hasn’t been in action since 2008. Though the reader who inquired about it urged us to make mention of it, perhaps as a way to get funding going for next season: “So sad!  I grew up in Wellesley and will miss having it for my children.  Maybe you should do an article to see if you can drum up some community support?”

According to a WellesleyWeston Magazine article about the town’s 125th anniversary back in 2006, the Holly Trolley got its start in 1981, the year Wellesley celebrated its centennial. (I know we have a photo of one of these trolleys somewhere, but feel free to email us one if you happen to have one handy).