Upper Crust Pizzeria goes dark in Wellesley Square

Upper Crust Wellesley SquareUpper Crust Pizzeria in Wellesley Square went dark on Tuesday, whereas the business is typically open from 11am-10pm. There’s no sign on the door or mention on the company website about why the location is closed.

Nearby workers said they were puzzled by the business not being open, though of course immediate speculation was that it had to do with Upper Crust’s corporate financial issues. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month, but vowed “normal operations.”

But things have been anything but normal on Tuesday, according to this Boston Globe report that reads in part: “Upper Crust has abruptly closed most of its restaurants, let go about 140 employees, and will shut down permanently unless the bankrupt pizza chain can get a cash infusion in the next few days, according to a trustee overseeing the Boston-based company. ”

We’re off course disappointed that a business with an item called “The Swellesley” on its menu appears to be closed in town.

One local doctor did put the closing, whether temporary or not, in some perspective: