Wellesley Fire Department saddened by death of mechanic William Miller

William MillerFrom Rick DeLorie, chief of Wellesley Fire Department:

On behalf of the Wellesley Fire Department I regret to announce the death of Fire Apparatus Mechanic William Miller (shown here). Bill died of an apparent heart attack on his way to work this morning. Fire Mechanic Miller worked for the Wellesley Fire Department from 2009 until the present, and had previously worked for the Stoughton and Westwood Fire Departments for the last 25 years.  He was currently serving as President of the New England Fire Apparatus Maintenance Association.  Bill will be missed as he was a terrific person and an excellent fire apparatus mechanic. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s wife Joanne and family. Funeral details have not been determined.

Bill was truly a professional and was always looking to advance the fire apparatus mechanics profession advocating to increase specialized certifications. The Fire Apparatus certification process enhances competency and ultimately firefighter safety. Bill was instrumental in introducing the computerized fleet maintenance system at Wellesley Fire to improve apparatus preventative maintenance, performance and longevity of the fire apparatus fleet. He was a valued source of information for apparatus selection and always focusing on the long term capability of a piece of apparatus. His input on the recent Tower Truck purchase was significant. He was a conscientious, very quick witted coworker and friend, and most importantly, a kind, proud family man. He will be greatly missed by our entire department and as will his efforts on behalf of Fire Apparatus Mechanics across the state.