1 week until Wellesley town elections

From the Wellesley Town Clerk:

Write-in Town Meeting Candidates Needed – Precincts A, E, and F need additional candidates to fill the seats available for election this year. Residents who are interested in doing a write-in campaign for these seats should contact Town Clerk Kathy Nagle for details.

Absentee Ballots – Absentee ballots for the Annual Town Election are now available. Voters who are eligible for vote absentee for the town elections may file applications at any time or vote in person. Absentee applications must include the voter’s name and voting address and instructions as to where to send the ballot. An application may be filed by the voter or a family member. Applications may be filed by mail or email, but must include an original signature.

Polling Places remain in the  same locations. Some entrance doors have been changed to enhance security at school locations. The location within the Library (Precinct G) will be the media room, please follow signs. Polls open 7 am- 8 pm on March 5.

More info on voting, candidates, etc.