Wellesley Friendly Aid seeks Neighbor Brigade volunteers

From Wellesley Friendly Aid:

Individuals and families can find their worlds suddenly upended by an accident or serious illness. The Wellesley Friendly Aid Association is in a collaborative arrangement with Neighbor Brigade, Inc., to facilitate helping such Wellesley families.

The assistance that Friendly Aid provides to individuals and families in crisis is temporary in nature, designed to help them cope with their new circumstances for a limited period of time until they can get back on their feet.  It is provided by volunteers completely free of charge to Wellesley residents of all income levels. Services include providing meals, running errands, transportation to and from appointments, dog walking and performing light house work and yard work.

Volunteers sign up to provide assistance as their schedules permit; there is no obligation to give a set number of hours. Some volunteers provide assistance only occasionally while others are available on a more regular basis.

Friendly Aid is looking at this time for additional volunteers (ages 18+) to provide these services. Will you help by becoming a volunteer? If so, or if you would like additional information, please contact Karen Mondell, Friendly Aid’s Program Administrator, at 781-235-3960 or at wellesleyfriendlyaid@verizon.net.

Also, if at any time you believe you could use Neighbor Brigade services, please contact Karen to discuss whether we can assist you.