Wellesley TEDx talkers discuss photography as education, turning offenders into entrepreneurs

Perhaps you’re familiar with TED talks in which big thinkers share their big ideas with big crowds, both in person and online. The big annual TED Conference was recently held in California and featured talks on everything from touchscreens to crowdsourcing support for a band.

TED also has spawned regional TEDx events which are smaller than the above-mentioned conference, but still give people a chance to share interesting ideas. Among those who recently spoke at the local TEDxBeaconStreet was Wellesley’s own Bill Shribman, a senior executive producer at WGBH who has a background in theater. Shribman talks about the beauty of using photography and digital games to educate kids about real world news and more as digital cameras become ubiquitous on mobile devices.

(Not sure if others from Wellesley have given recent TED or TEDx talks, but feel free to let us know)

UPDATE (March 30, 2013): After our initial post, Wellesley’s Laura Winig pointed us to her talk from last year at TEDxBoston, in which she talks about “From Offender to Entrepreneur.” In her talk, Winig cites work from Venturing Out, a Boston-based non-profit that helps soon-to-be-released prison inmates become self-employed entrepreneurs in legitimate enterprises. Winig is the former executive director of Venturing Out.