Busy busy at Wellesley’s Ollie Turner Park

Ollie Turner Park, Wellesley, April 2013A reader wrote to us recently asking about what’s up with Ollie Turner Park, which has recently become an increasingly busy field in this reader’s neighborhood of the “Standish Estates” alongside Longfellow Pond in Wellesley.

Longfellow Pond mapAccording to the reader: “Over the past two weeks, garbage cans, ‘pick up after your dog signs’ (yeah!) and 2 very wobbly and flimsy goal posts have been added. Oh, and they marked the grass with paint to designate a playing field….So far the reaction [in the neighborhood] has been universally negative. Where’s the untarnished open space? Did we really need another playing field?”

We checked first with the Wellesley Recreation Department, which said it hasn’t issued any formal permits for the field.

We also checked with the Department of Public Works, and the DPW’s Mike Quinn (assistant superintendent/deputy tree warden) says: “Ollie Turner Park has always been Parkland and the field has always been used as an informal play area, by the neighborhood. It appears some younger families have moved into the neighborhood and are using the field more. We also recently received a complaint about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs. We responded to that complaint by posting a couple of small signs asking dogs owners to clean up after their dogs. We also placed an additional small sign identifying the park play area near the Longfellow pond path. There always has been a sign at the Carver Rd entrance but it was faded and replaced by a new sign recently. We have also added a trash barrel to help encourage dog owners to pick up. It is located near the picnic table that has always been at this site too.”

(We’d sort of forgotten about this field. Does anyone know who Ollie Turner is?)