Watertown police, marathon bomber copter expected at Wellesley Veterans’ Parade

Boston Marathon 2012, halfway homeThe Wellesley Celebrations Committee plans during the 45th Annual Wellesley Veterans’ Parade on Sunday, May 19 to honor those whose efforts helped capture the Boston Marathon bombers and protect the public during the events.

From 3-3:15pm at the 13.1 Mile Mark (halfway home) of the Boston Marathon, a ceremony will be held to salute “Boston & Wellesley Strong,” according to Roy Switzler, chairman of the Wellesley Celebrations & Parade Committee. A band will play the National Anthem and America the Beautiful, a Marine Color Guard will be in attendance, and the street will be marked with a painting of the Boston/Wellesley Strong symbol, he says.

What’s more, expect an appearance by the Watertown Police Department and a fly over by the helicopter used to locate the 2nd marathon bomber in the Watertown boat. The state police copter is expected to land later at Hunnewell Field, though that depends on whether it has any assignments that day.

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