Wellesley High drama teacher trying Kickstarter to fund short film

Wellesley High School drama teacher Stephen Wrobleski has launched a Kickstarter to raise $10,000 to fund the production (i.e., high quality equipment) and promotion of a short film that will feature the talents of his students as cast and crew.

As of Monday night, Wro (as the teacher refers to himself) had raised more than 12% of his goal via the crowdsourcing website, which has been used to bankroll projects from popsicles to videogames to music tours. The deadline for Wro’s fundraising is June 8.

The teacher, who has been studying screenwriting for the past 3 years, acknowledges that producing a film is a stretch for him from a technology standpoint. But Wro stresses that he has the storytelling chops and support network to ensure that his short movie — tentatively called “Seeing Signs” — will be filmed this summer in Boston and surrounding communities.  His plan is to submit the film to festivals all over the country once it is completed, ideally by the time school restarts.

Here’s a brief description of the film plot: “A quixotic teen girl follows a mysterious message on an old CB radio and embarks on a quest to discover the source.”

As with all Kickstarter projects, those who invest are rewarded with fabulous prizes, including in this case a call at Christmas time to boost your self-esteem, or for real sugar daddies or mommas, a fire eating demo by Wro himself (I’ve seen one of these…it’s good).

According to Kickstarter, 10% of the films at the Sundance Film Festival last year were funded via Kickstarter.