Finally, some action at 15 Central St. in Wellesley Square

The space vacated by Bank of America at 15 Central St., back in early 2010, is finally springing back to life of some sort (actually, it might be both 15 and 17 Central St.).

Fresh construction is taking place at the Colonial Building, which sits between Faber’s Rug’s Central Street property and Milestone of Wellesley restaurant in Wellesley Square.

According to one gent working during the July Jubilation sidewalk sale next to 15 Central St., the property will house 2 businesses:  a lady’s boutique and a place selling chandeliers. I should note that this guy looked like he knew as much about lady’s boutiques and chandelier stores as I do. Though have had it verified by another source that indeed, a boutique and a lighting store will fill the space.