Where there’s smoke…

via Wellesley Police
via Wellesley Police

A series of recent marijuana-related arrests by Wellesley police prompted a reader to write in and warn the community that drugs are booming in town.

The Townsman reported on 2 separate arrests, one including 3 teens at the Sprague Elementary School parking lot, and another involving pot shipments coming in to the Wellesley Post Office. Wellesley Police also reported their latest conversion of a traffic violation stop into something bigger, when they discovered 6.5 pounds of marijuana in a van driven by a Natick man.

The concerned reader wrote: “I think this highlights the drug problem in the town of Wellesley, particularly in the schools, and shows that there are dealers with access to either a) school grounds or b) the dealers are students that attend the schools themselves.”

In fact, Wellesley high’s concern about student drug use prompted a school assembly last December to address the issue.

The town recently had a new bylaw approved that prohibits consumption of pot in public areas, and carriers a $300 fine. Voters okayed the statewide decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2008. (The town has also imposed a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana treatment facilities here.)

Much harder drugs than pot have also been seized in Wellesley over the past year, including $50K worth of crystal meth in December.