“Dud” bullet found in Wellesley High football team locker room

wellesley high locker roomWellesley High School Principal Andrew Keough Monday night issued a memo to inform WHS families that a student this afternoon informed an athletic coach that he found a bullet on the floor of the football team locker room. The coach immediately notified school administration, which in turn informed town police.

Keough wrote: “Upon investigation [by police it was] determined that the bullet was a ‘dud’ and not a live round capable of being fired. As a safety precaution, the decision was made that all lockers in the locker room would be searched. All student athletes with lockers in the space were called in and their lockers and back packs were searched by administrators.  Nothing suspicious was found.

“I want to take this opportunity to state that we are confident that this was an isolated incident of someone thinking that a spent bullet is not harmful, when in fact it can be very troubling. Nevertheless, we will continue to investigate this situation and will keep you apprised of any new developments. As always, we would ask that you notify us should you have any information related to this case.”

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