Wellesley brothers launch errand service

choredashWellesley brothers Tyler and Brandon Capecci, the former a junior at Wellesley High and the latter a 2011 grad who has since worked as a software engineer, have started a new business called ChoreDash that will handle your dry-cleaning pickup/dropoff ($200 per month) and take your garbage/recycling to the Wellesley RDF ($125 per month).

Tyler is an entrepreneurial-minded young man, having started the WHS Business Club and being involved in several businesses, including those focused on website design and fashion. Tyler plans to attend Babson College,  where this past summer he took a 6-week course in entrepreneurship.

“We are trying to focus more on personal errands – a white glove on-demand service that adjusts to the needs of the town. Currently we are building out dry-cleaning and garbage pickup to bootstrap the startup, but the intention is that people will soon be able to get whatever errand they need done,” Tyler says.

ChoreDash is hiring drivers now.

ChoreDash will compete with the likes of Roy’s (which focuses on recycling) and TaskRabbit.