Thermal energy reports to reveal wasteful Wellesley homes to owners

TIRWellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee has pulled a page out of Predator‘s book and is putting thermal imaging technology to work  (if you’re lost on my reference to Predator, watch the trailer for the old Arnold S. movie below).

Though in this case, Wellesley is attempting to do no harm. It has teamed with a company in Cambridge to supply Wellesley residents with free thermal imaging reports that will show where your home might be gushing out energy.

To get the report you’ll need to plug your address into a site and expect to get follow-up emails for additional services. The thermal imaging company apparently did the slightly creepy rounds of Wellesley streets last winter, kind of like Google does with its Street View mapping cameras, and collected what it needed for at least starter thermal image reports based on the exterior of houses in town.