Lost Wellesley dog found! Survives snowstorm, lured back with hot dogs

poppyWellesley Animal Control Officer Sue Webb reports on what has to be the best Valentine’s Day ever for the owner a little snowball of a Maltese dog named Poppy that had been missing since Monday.

Webb and the owner went back through the yards today where tracks had been seen, then Poppy popped out from under some evergreens ready to bolt. “I had the owner call Poppy and the dog stopped but was still ready to run.  I had the get in front of me so Poppy could see her and she tossed hot dogs, then I had her crouch down so she’d be less scary looking and the dog came up and crawled into her arms.  Shaking, wet, cold, but now safe.”

The owner had secured the services of a lost pet recovery person, but no traps were set. A trap had been loaned by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, but that wound up not being needed either.

It’s only a matter of time until Ellen DeGeneres comes calling again…