$10K Wellesley Friendly Aid gift helping kids go to summer camp

From Wellesley Friendly Aid Association:

Wellesley Friendly Aid Association is pleased to announce that it has received a gift of $10,000 from the Fund for Wellesley to be used for our summer camp fund program for Wellesley children in financial need. The children we help attend day camps which provide a variety of recreational and academic enrichment programs.

Last year we enabled 68 Wellesley children to attend summer camp. We hope to assist a similar number this year. The number of children we can help and the number of weeks we can pay for depends upon the amount of support we receive from Wellesley residents, businesses and other organizations.

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In addition, the Fund for Wellesley has provided to Wellesley Friendly Aid a grant of $2500 to assist us in acquiring the services of a consulting firm. The firm’s expertise and advice is expected to enable us to improve our ability to raise money for the Camp Fund in future years, so that we will be able to provide for every eligible Wellesley child who applies to our Camp Fund

Costs have increased in recent years, and significant numbers of Wellesley children continue to need financial assistance in order to attend a summer camp or educational enrichment program. We are therefore especially grateful for the two grants that we have received this year from the Fund for Wellesley, which together will help underprivileged Wellesley children to receive the benefits of the summer camp or enrichment programs that many of their schoolmates’ families can afford.