Giving Wellesley Glowgolf a whirl

GlowgolfA couple of young Wellesley Country Club caddies went undercover on Wednesday to test out the new competition: Glowgolf in Linden Square.

The teenagers paid $9 to play the 18-hole course, which for that price they were allowed to traverse three times (they settled for twice and by the second time around were experimenting with pool shots).

One caddy described the glow-in-the-dark course as “flat,” but then pointed out the seemingly impossible anthill hole, where the ball just kept rolling back down. Other holes included obstacles such as a windmill, a loop de loop and fuzz (rather than sand) traps.

GlowgolfThe boys hit the links mid-afternoon on a beautiful summer day when they really should have been outside playing and mainly had the place to themselves, which of course could have led to mischief (a club accidentally did hit some wet paint). The holes overall were challenging, and even with a steady stream of pump-up music, our putters registered just a single hole-in-one. One of our caddies had recently returned from playing a Pirate’s cove course on the Jersey Shore, plus another that was on a rooftop, so did say the indoor course wasn’t quite of that caliber.

Our guys, being serious golf nuts, skipped the Lazer Maze, another attraction at Glowgolf (here’s what it looks like at another location).

glowgolfExpect Glowgolf to market itself to families looking for activities on half days and for places to hold parties.

[Photos by Deborah Brown]

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MEANWHILE, this ***IMPORTANT*** public service announcement from Wellesley’s Nehoiden Golf Club: