Wellesley-ites to March in NYC for climate action

Climate marchWellesley residents will be heading to New York City on Sunday, Sept. 21 to join The People’s Climate March, which national organizers are billing as the largest climate march in history. It coincides with the United Nations Climate Summit and will be among a number of such demonstrations around the world that weekend.

Sustainable Wellesley is marshaling Wellesley residents and those that belong to organizations in town to head into Manhattan to have their voices heard during the march, which starts at Columbus Circle.

“I am not really an activist,” said bus organizer and Wellesley resident Lise Olney, in a statement issued by Sustainable Wellesley. “I am simply doing what I think is right for my children and my children’s children by showing my support for the U.S. and nations of the world to act in concert and aggressively. This is an event that will change the course of history and I am proud to be part of it.”

If you’d like to take part, you can register to hop on the Local Motion bus (AC, lavatory, comfy seats) for $25 here. The bus, which seats 55, departs Wellesley at 6:30 am (specific location TBA), then leaves NYC at 5:30 pm (ETA in Wellesley at 9:30 pm). For more info, shoot an email here:  info@sustainablewellesley.com