A few more facts about Florijn, Wellesley’s newest retailer

We wrote a short post last week about the opening of Florijn, a retailer of home decor in Wellesley Square, when we noticed the sign out front at 90 Central St. Since then we’ve caught up with owner Sebastian Barreveld, via email, to get more details.

Who are you?

My family has been in the wholesale home and gift business for 23 years. Barreveld, in addition to being my last name, is our company name.  You can read a bit of the Barreveld/Dk Living story here. Caitlin Dorigan, the store manager, is the one responsible for 90% of Florijn.

Why open this store in Wellesley, which does have a number of other home decor retailers?

While I live in Boston, we have long relationship to Wellesley both personally as well as professionally.  What Wellesley lacks in the home accessories area since the departure of Hudson is an outlet with a more contemporary aesthetic.  And of course Wellesley is demographically suited to a home store, particularly one with a contemporary European sensibility.

What’s unique about Florijn?

We have deep connections in the industry and are truly on the cutting edge of European home fashion.  This allows us to bring new trends and styles to market earlier and cheaper than anyone else.  And free shipping, both from the store as well as from the forthcoming website florijnhome.com.

Where does the name come from?

“Florijn” is the Dutch spelling of the word “Florin”, the gold standard in Europe since the time of the Medici bank (Florin, for Florence).  We are trying to convey both the quality of the selection as well as geographically locate the aesthetic within northern Europe.

Have you owned other such stores or have a retail background?

No!  While we have deep roots in the industry, this is our first retail operation!

Can you give me a sense of items/prices?

We carry everything from Votives for $3.00, through furniture, and art work in the low thousands.

Anything else worth noting?

We are technically open now, but not quite finished in setting up (as you may be able to sense from the lack of signage, etc.).  Stay tuned for an opening party!  Invitations will be sent to those registering on florijnhome.com.