More gifted or less gifted in Wellesley?

TerrazzaThe prime real estate on 32 Church St. that until last Spring was home to The Gifted Hand will soon open as  Terrazza Church Square, a gallery featuring artisan jewelry, distinctive gifts, and rare finds.  If that concept sounds familiar, it should.  That corner has cornered the market on fancy arts and crafts for over 40 years, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Wellesley-ite who hasn’t given or received a gift from that spot (or just plain recreationally shopped there).

There’s no doubt muscle memory is strong when it comes to shopping, so Terrazza will likely bask in the glow of location, location, location, especially around holiday time when shoppers who come to town but once a year find that although the old is out, the new may just be able to satisfy their needs.

While Terrazza Church Square is readying to open, we’ve still got the Clever Hand Gallery, an artisans’ cooperative located on Central St.  that is seemingly impervious to any up-and-down cycles of doing business in Wellesley.