Patrons curious about what’s up at White Mountain Creamery in Wellesley Square

White Mountain Creamery WellesleyWhite Mountain Creamery in Wellesley Square has been closed more than open over the past few weeks, and readers are wondering what’s going on.

The shop was closed 3 weeks ago when we tried to stop in on a Sunday afternoon. There was a handwritten note on the door apologizing for the closure.

Then new signs popped up the next week, explaining that the ice cream store was closed due to a family emergency.

Those signs disappeared and on Tuesday night we did happen to see a person behind the counter, but noticed him waving off a prospective customer who tried to open the door at around 7pm.

A “Now Hiring” sign remains in the front window.

We had heard rumblings last month of possible changes at White Mountain, but nothing firm enough to share. We have an inquiry in to the business and will update this post, assuming we hear back (Their voice mail box is full).

I think the last time we were there was at the end of May for the Cone Crawl across the town’s various ice cream joints, including the trendier Pinkberry and JP Licks.

White Mountain brings back good memories of post-game baseball team celebrations, and of course, our best adventure there was the time we chowed down on the monstrous White Mountain dish.

Here’s hoping we get another shot at that.

P.S. A separately owned and operated White Mountain Creamery is located at 19 Commonwealth Ave., in Chestnut Hill.