Wellesley artist crafts challenging games

31C3lnt+STL._SL100_In a recent effort to seek out local shopping angles, we found out about Wellesley resident, artist, and inventor David Copplestone, whose company markets executive toys, games, and decorative accessories under the name Copplestone Designs. Copplestone’s products are designed to have a sculptural look of a work of art while challenging the game player to, for example, use just the right combination of force, angle, and slope to achieve the ring-tossing goal as in the case of the “Orbiter” game.  Players will need to practice patience while they get the hang of this challenging pendulum device game that is designed to demonstrate the laws of motion.

A1ZIBlCVTaL._SL1500_The game that really caught our eye, however, was the Putting Rail. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to help your golf friends improve their putting at the Wellesley Country Club, this hand-crafted executive toy may well put you into the gift-giving Hall of Fame. The Putting Rail features a convex top surface that demands the putter hit the ball straight, allowing the golfer to become more adept at completing smooth and consistent strokes.  Although the rail is only four feet long, compact enough to easily fit into a corner of the golfer’s office, its convex top surface allows it to simulate much longer putts. The golf aid can be played competitively with up to six players or used by just one golfer with a little obsessive energy to burn.

Order Copplestone’s products, which run in the $40 – $250 range, from Amazon.

In addition to crafting games, Copplestone is an accomplished painter who in the past has exhibited 55 of his works at the Wellesley library.  Walk through his 2010 exhibit on youtube.