Parents, teens invited to relax Thursday at Winter Blues Celebration in Wellesley

teen mentorsAn event called Winter Blues Celebration will be held Thursday from 6-8pm at Wellesley College Club, mixing live blues music, a light meal/refreshments and information about the latest science on preventing anxiety and depression from starting in kids. Parents, teens, educators and health care providers will take home practical activities to improve grit/resilience in all kids.

When the band breaks for intermission, there will be brief presentations by:

*Dr. David DeMaso, Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Boston Childen’s Hospital, addressing awareness and prevention of anxiety and depression

*Rotary Interact teen mentors (shown) from Wellesley, Weston,and Dover, who collaborate with mentors at schools as far as Puerto Rico.

*Nadja Reilly, Ph.D., consulting psychologist for the wellness project and Associate Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College.

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