More fun with Wellesley tire dragger

tire running guy wellesley squareAfter posting over the weekend about this guy we saw running through Wellesley Square while dragging a tire behind him, we thought it might be a good idea to crowdsource some ideas for a photo caption via our Facebook page.

We’re happy to report that many of you responded. Here’s a sampling:


*Trying to lose his spare tire

*He’s not tire’ed!

*Cross fit fail

*Neanderthal spotted in Wellesley! Still hasn’t figured out how the wheel works.

*Who’s held responsible when this idiot pulling a tire gets hit by a car that slides in the snow???

*Wellesley Delivers New Snow Plow Service


*I think my tire swing is broken?

By the way, this photo also got picked up by Barstool Sports. And yes, as is their style, they had some naughty things to say about this runner and Wellesley in general.

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