Neighborly new Facebook group asks “What’s Up, Wellesley?”

Who do you ask when you need advice on a restaurant, plumber, electrician, or even a babysitter? So many towns in the area have a Facebook group page for which they can put a question out there, and get lots of great local advice.

Local mom and part-time speech-language pathologist Lianna Ramage has created a group called “What’s Up, Wellesley?” with the goal of fostering a greater sense of community in town, and allowing those who live and/or work in town to find out more about what’s going on locally. She hopes it will be a great place to post events, advice, concerns, and anything else that might come up. So click on the link above if you’d like to request access to the group.

There are at least a couple of other active Wellesley Facebook groups, one called Remember When? Growing up in Wellesley and the Centennial Park Dog Owners.  These are both closed groups that you can ask to join.

There are also online Wellesley groups formed via the Nextdoor “private social network.”