North 40 update from Wellesley College

North 40 pine treesFrom Wellesley College re: North 40
March 13, 2015

Dear Neighbor:

In December, we informed you about an asphalt substance in the southern portion of the North 40 land parcel. The College began removing the non-hazardous substance in mid-December, but work needed to be paused before the project was completed. Then, it snowed.

With the recent melting and moderating temperatures, the removal process is set to begin again on March 16 and will continue through March 27. This process will include trucks and heavy machinery accessing the southern portion of the land by way of the aqueduct. For safety reasons, the Crosstown Trail will be closed during the period that equipment will go back and forth over the aqueduct. Further, the old landfill trail will not be accessible while trucks are on the site. We encourage neighbors to enjoy their walks in other parts of town over this time. We are working with the town to be sure this process is handled quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you, our neighbors.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact me at


Ben Hammond
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Wellesley College