Never mind Deflate-gate: Wellesley has Morses Pond Gate-gate

Morses Pond Gate Turner Rd. Blockage plus corner parking safety issue
Parking and traffic outside the Morses Pond gate peaked on Labor Day, much to the chagrin of neighbors.

A combination of unseasonably warm weather and the Morses Pond gate being closed now that the swimming hole is closed for the summer has led to a crazy parking situation over in the Woodlands neighborhood of Wellesley.

morses pond gate wellesley parked cars
Morses Pond gate, with cars outside of it

Neighbors are pleading with the town to give people access to the Morses Pond parking lot, citing noise, safety and cleanliness issues with the current situation. They’re also urging police to ticket cars parked illegally, sometimes blocking gate access/emergency access.

morses pond parking lot
An empty Morses Pond parking lot









Some visitors swim at the pond even though lifeguards are now down for the year (a sign does warn swimmers they do so at their own risk), while others just want access to the trails and beach to walk or run.








Wet weather expected this coming weekend could settle things down temporarily, though a return to temperatures in the 80s next week could heat them right back up. And the larger issue of what to do about all this remains. It sounds as though the Board of Selectmen, Natural Resources Commission, Morses Pond neighbors and others in town might need to put their heads together on this.

Turner Rd. 75 Cars all the way to Weston Rd.
Dozens of cars lined up between Turner Road and Weston Road to gain access to Morses Pond on Labor Day.