Live from Wellesley Middle School: Special Town Meeting starts Monday

Wellesley’s Special Town Meeting, focused on proposed changes to the way the town government runs, kicks off Monday, Nov. 1, and Wellesley Public Media will be live streaming it here.

While much of the chatter (and letters) leading up to the meeting has focused on the Town Government Study Committee recommendations, including for a town manager and a Planning and Land Management Division, the education-focused Committee 21 reminds us that another topic on the agenda is a public school security package designed to safeguard buildings without turning them into fortresses.

This $2.45 million security package is a comprehensive plan for the Wellesley schools that has been developed with significant input from the Wellesley Police Department. Proposed security measures include door hardware/locks, cameras, proximity cards, radios, additional AiPhones and public address system upgrades.

The security package is modeled after the components recently installed at Fiske and Schofield as part of their recent renovation. The affected buildings for this project are:  PAWS, Bates, Hardy, Hunnewell, Sprague, Upham, WMS and WHS.”

According to Committee 21, if the package is approved by Town Meeting members, then construction would likely start next summer, without needing to go to a general voter ballot.

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