Wellesley book club alert: 53-page Rte. 9 Enhancement & Study plan actually a good read

Okay, we’re not really suggesting that you will want to pick the updated Rte. 9 Enhancement & Study plan produced for the Wellesley Planning Board as your next book group read, but this online publication actually is a serious page-turner. It’s a mystery-nonfiction-futuristic-fantasy-illustrated tome all rolled into one and even comes with a related activity page — an interactive survey that you’re still urged to take.

“I think this may be a bigger (and potentially more positive) deal than is being talked about.”

***** Five stars: Rte. 9 dweller who wrote to us

In reading this report, you’ll laugh at the signs to nowhere, such as one for a traffic signal that no longer exists near St. James the Great Church (the building for which no longer exists). You’ll cry over the stats on crashes (901 between 2011 and 2013) and traffic. Your blood will boil over photographs of signs obscured by vegetation overgrowth. You’ll hold your breath reading about breaks in the median that encourage unsafe crossings by pedestrians.

And you’ll puzzle over sights like this:

rte 9 study bus stopsYou’ll also be excited to know that the highly anticipated second book in the series is on the way.

According to the Planning Board: “Moving forward, it is anticipated that the next deliverable, Summary of Identified Issues and Opportunities, will be ready for review in the early part of the week of Mon., December 21-Fri., December 25.”

So yes, a possible stocking stuffer!

What’s more, another stakeholder meeting will likely take place in early January, with expected further discussion at a Planning Board meeting that month, then onto Phase 2 for developing the actual plan (stay up to date here). One Rte. 9 resident told us that promising outcomes, if locals get involved, could include beautification and regular maintenance where the state highway meets the town line, as well as changes to improve crosswalk safety at locations such as Grantland Extension where cars exit Rte. 9 to get to Washington Street.

With paving projects already on the schedule and big plans to be determined, 2016 promises to be a significant year for what will inevitably be renamed Hunnewell Highway.

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