Wellesley Field Fund has $1M-plus reasons to celebrate new year

hunnewell track and field project rendering wellesleyThe Wellesley Field Fund has surpassed its goal of raising $900,000 through private donations to rebuild the track and field at Wellesley High School for around the start of the next school year. This funding would be combined with monies from Community Preservation and taxes (an agenda item for 2016 Town Meeting) in what’s described as a public-private partnership aimed at covering the roughly $2.5M project.

The goal is to widen the field so that it can be used by more athletes and help alleviate the squeeze on other fields in town, and to rebuild a track that has seen better days.

Numerous fundraisers have been held, from beer-food tastings to flag football to Wellesley Country Club affairs, to spur private donations. You can still donate, such as by purchasing an inscribed brick to be included in the track and field walkway.