Microsoft code name for cool underwater project is Natick: Could a Wellesley project be next?

Microsoft has built a cool prototype data center under the sea in an effort to potentially boost network speeds by locating such green computing hubs closer to customers and in a way that they can be set up quickly. And while the subsea data center is located not far off the Pacific coast, it’s code name is actually Project Natick?

And why does our neighbor to the West get this honor? According to an FAQ from Microsoft “Natick is a codename and carries no special meaning. It is a town in Massachusetts.”

Though in seeking some elaboration on that, I was told by a Microsoft spokesman that “Natick sounds similar to Nautical and one of the Project Natick team members had a daughter attend Wellesley College, which is nearby.”

So, we were pretty darn close perhaps to having the project called Wellesley. Maybe next time…