Could Wellesley use a safe exchange space for Craigslist and other online deals?

handshakeSafe exchange zones — areas often at police stations and under constant surveillance for buyers and sellers who use Craigslist or other online sites/apps  — are popping up across Metrowest, including in Hopkinton, Wayland and Bellingham.

Could Wellesley be next?

Well, of course we have something of a safe exchange zone already in the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility (not that there haven’t been a few scuffles there over the years). But the idea of trying to sell something on Craigslist without inviting unknown parties to your home might be a welcome option for Wellesley residents.

Wellesley Police Lt. Marie Cleary says: “We are currently  considering it and we are in the process of speaking with law enforcement agencies who have them.”

If it’s something you think would be a good idea, now might be the time to speak up…

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