Deadline looms for chance to join new Hardy/Hunnewell/Upham committee

From the Wellesley School Committee:


Dear Wellesley Community,

We are writing to announce that the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen are seeking community representatives for a new committee that will work with consultants in further study of the Hardy, Hunnewell and Upham (HHU) facilities project. The HHU Master Plan Committee will be charged with carrying out further enrollment and traffic studies, as well as potential scenario refinement related to the reconstruction, renovation, consolidation or replacement of the three schools.  It will then make a master plan recommendation to the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen.  

The Committee will include 18-20 members, with a balance of Town board members, Town staff, residents with certain expertise in related fields, parents, and community members. The School Committee and Board of Selectmen are seeking one neighborhood or parent representative from each of the seven elementary school districts.  Residents with architectural, construction or master planning experience or expertise in demography are especially encouraged to apply.

The draft charge of the committee can be found here.

Parties interested in volunteering should fill out this online form in its entirety by March 30, 2016. The School Committee and Board of Selectmen will jointly select the committee members with the intent of reporting its membership to Annual Town Meeting in early April.

If Town Meeting approves funding for the Committee, it will begin its work shortly after the conclusion of Town Meeting. The Committee’s work is expected to last for 6 to 9 months, with weekly meetings during some phases of its work, and less frequent meetings during other phases, and potentially more frequent meetings during crunch periods.  A regular time for meetings has not yet been determined, but it is likely that they will be held during the evening, and potentially last several hours.

Those with questions regarding the application process should contact Wendy Paul, School Committee Vice Chair, at  For detailed information on the project so far, visit or read pages 99-102 and 163-170 of the Report of the Advisory Committee for the 2016 Annual Town Meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wellesley School Committee

Matt Kelley, Chair
Wendy Paul, Vice Chair
Tony Bent
Michael D’Ortenzio Jr.
Sharon Gray