Where to buy the Wellesleyest stuff in Wellesley

A reader recently reached out to ask where he could buy Wellesley-themed things in Wellesley, so we’ve made the rounds and put together this sampler. If there’s other stuff out there, feel free to let us know: theswellesleyreport@gmail.com

Pine Straw (466 Washington St.)

Owner Tracy Cranley points out these Wellesley items among the store’s ample merchandise (Pine Straw has a location now in Waban, too at 1625 Beacon St.): Zip code tea towels sourced locally ($18); WHS hand-made ceramic trays from Wellesley artist Cindy Alvin ($42); Wellesley trinket trays ($24)Pine Straw Wellesley Pine Straw Wellesley Pine Straw Wellesley


Terrazza Church Square (32 Church St.)

Terrazza store manager Diane pointed to the following Wellesley items: Cutting board ($65); Latitude/Longitude sign ($239); Wine table ($275); Key chains ($20); Wellesley, the name, sign ($90); Wellesley sign with photos ($176), Wine glasses ($16)


Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley Terrazza Wellesley


Wellesley Books (82 Central St.)

Wellesley Books carries a variety of books about Wellesley, but as for Wellesley stuff, co-owner Gillian Kohli highlights the following items: mugs $13; keychains $10; specially designed ornaments $40; tote bags $32; notepads $15

image2Wellesley Books mugs, key chainsWellesley Books ornamentWellesley Books ornamentWellesley Books greeting cards

Wellesley Holiday Boutique (17 Central St.)

Katie from this shop says if you mention having seen any of these items on The Swellesley Report, they’ll knock 10% off the price: Zip code pads ($30); key fobs ($23.50); greeting card ($4); circular dish ($34); rectangular plate ($40); Raiders monogrammed fleece poncho ($100)

Wellesley Holiday boutiqueWellesley Holiday boutiqueWellesley Holiday boutiqueWellesley Holiday boutique

Wellesley Toy Shop (59 Central St.)

Owner Andy Brown says the store sells a variety of Wellesley Raiders gear.  Footballs ($20) are still a top seller along with Fathead wall decals ($16). Other items: t-shirts ($17), long sleeve t-shirts ($18), sweatshirts ($35), socks ($14), knit hats ($20) and baseball hats ($20). The newest item is a Wellesley backpack ($40).  “I am bringing back some of our best sellers from the Gift Shop side, our always popular Wellesley wine glasses and note paper,” Brown adds.

Wellesley Toy Shop

*Note: We don’t play silly retailer games with $X.99 or $X.95. Prices have been rounded to nearest dollar amount.