Grand opening of Caffe Nero is getting near-o

It’s looking like the much anticipated Caffe Nero coffee-and-more shop that’s moving into the Wellesley Hills railroad station depot will open for business late August or early September according to Jay Gentile, Director, USA, for Caffe Nero, and there have been increasing signs of life that corroborate this estimate as contractors bring the historic building  back to life. The old roof has been replaced, and the interior is gutted and ready to be refilled with fresh guts.

The Caffe Nero team, which originally was hoping to open up shop as early as spring, has won approval from the Board of Selectmen for its common victualler license and was granted a building permit last week. “Although a long process, the town has been supportive and generous in their advice and guidance,” Gentile said. “We are currently going through design review for signage and expect to get through that in July. We are very eager and excited to become a part of the Wellesley community.”

Caffe Nero, Wellesley

Caffe Nero, Wellesley
I call dibs on what looks like the future spot of a nice, cozy seating area.

I call dibs on this lovely spot for trains spotting during nice weather.
I call additional dibs on this lovely spot for trains spotting during nice weather.

Click here for more details about Caffe Nero’s journey to setting up shop in Wellesley.

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