It’s time to give the teacher an apple through the Wellesley Education Foundation program

wef-logoThanks to Julia de Peyster for the following contribution:

It’s Red Apple Season at Wellesley Education Foundation (WEF), and WEF is asking every family in the district to consider participating in this program that both supports and encourages educator innovation and creativity.

The Red Apple Program allows Wellesley public school students and their families to recognize a Pre-K through high school educator and/or staff member of their choice by making a donation to WEF.  This simple online giving program can be allocated to multiple recipients across multiple schools, and WEF volunteers will send a Red Apple thank you e-card that includes your child’s name (but not the amount of your gift) and a display magnet to those you are recognizing.

Claire Lee, a long-time English teacher at the Middle School and Red Apple grant recipient says, “The WEF Red Apple Donation is a wonderful way to support teachers at Wellesley. When I’ve received magnets in the past, I’ve felt recognized and deeply honored as a teacher. These grants make a difference in our ability to try new ideas and grow in our learning in ways that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I’ve had opportunities to take professional development classes as well as pilot new curriculum through the WEF grant. This summer through the WEF grant, I have the chance to attend a conference on journalism in order to teach journalistic skills to my 6th grade students in English. I’m excited and eager to learn from this conference, and I know it will shape how I teach my students.”

The bond between families, students and the teachers and staff distinguishes Wellesley as a district where educators like to work and children love to learn.  The WEF partnership helps cement these relationships from Pre-K through 12th grade with this simple, tax-deductible, direct giving opportunity. Click here to find out more information.


Wellesley Education Foundation’s $76k in fall grants fund CPR, robotics, instruments, & more