In Wellesley, no more excuses for ragged cuticles

Luxotic Nails Bar, WellesleyWellesley, already home to about a dozen mani/pedi salons/spas, which might be gaining in numbers on banks and pizza places, as one of our Facebook page commenters has noted, will soon count Luxotic Nails Bar in Linden Square as the next place for the well-groomed to keep themselves that way.

There’s no shortage of new pretty palaces coming to town lately: nail salon Beauti Lux recently opened in the former Little Bits Toy Store space, and a brow threading spot is slated to open where Your French Gift used to sell lavender toiletries and Eiffel Tower tea towels.

Business owners who cater to the primped and polished seem to believe that this town is big enough for all of them. But if things take an ugly, feud-like turn, I wouldn’t be want to be anywhere near a shootout at the OK Nails Corral. I couldn’t bear to witness the inevitable broken gel tips. I’ll leave you with that chilling visual.