Check out Wellesley’s Unified Plan website to keep up on town’s future

You can always check in with Swellesley for the latest on the Town’s doings and plannings, but just in case you’re a primary source kind of person, the recently launched Wellesley’s Unified Plan website is the place to find drafts, documents, and presentations of the most pressing issues of Wellesley’s future. Now is the time when significant decisions will be made about the elementary schools with the Hardy, Hunnewell, Upham (HHU) Plan (to voice your opinion, take the Wellesley HHU Master Plan Committee Survey); priorities will be set regarding economic development (will someone please make sure that not every storefront in town becomes a bank or salon?); and decisions will be made regarding the use of the North 40; among other pressing issues.

The Unified Plan is a combination of a Comprehensive Plan and a Town-wide Strategic Plan. Over the next year and a half, the Unified Plan will identify the visions and priorities of Wellesley residents and set goals and priorities for issues ranging from land use planning, economic development, housing, transportation, and education, to Town government operations and finance. It will be created collaboratively by Wellesley residents, Town staff and members of the Town’s boards and commissions. Over the coming months, the Town of Wellesley will be asking you­—and your family, friends, and neighbors—to help plan for the town’s future to create a livable, innovative and fiscally-sound tomorrow.



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