How to keep Wellesley-ites from filling landfills with leftover prime rib, caviar & goldfish crackers?

Wellesley RDF compost mountain
Wellesley RDF compost mountain


Wellesley’s Reduce Reuse Recycle (3R) Working Group has issued a survey to residents to explore ways to cut down on the amount of food waste sent to landfills as opposed to being composted.

Food waste can produce methane emissions that harm the environment and it can also cost residents money (Wellesley pays $86/ton to haul trash to a landfill in New York, according to the group).

The survey, which takes just a few minutes to complete, asks about how you dispose of food waste now, whether you’d be willing to haul it to the dump in a special bag and how you’d feel about paying to get it taken away (oh say by an outfit like this). It offers no tips on getting picky eaters in your household to gobble up what’s put in front of them.

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