New scholarship opportunity for Wellesley High METCO students

The Wellesley Scholarship Foundation and the Friends of Wellesley METCO have partnered to offer need-based college scholarships to Wellesley High School students in the METCO program. The effort comes about as Wellesley celebrates its 50 years in the METCO program.

Friends of Wellesley METCO joins a list of other civic groups that work with WSF to administer scholarships. At least $240,000 is being donated to fund four years’ worth of need-based college scholarships for WHS METCO students.


Eligible applicants for The Friends of Wellesley METCO Scholarships are graduating Wellesley High seniors who have been part of the Wellesley METCO program. These students must have been admitted to, and plan to attend, an accredited college or university, and must have demonstrable financial need. Applications for the scholarship can be found at

To donate or learn more about this new scholarship fund, please contact:

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