Wellesley Snow Day #2, 2017

The forecast said there would be snow all Monday morning, leading officials to make the call the night before for Snow Day #2, 2017. Little did they know that by 10am the main roads would be plowed down to gleaming pavement. I got a few shots in before the wind kicked up and knocked the heavy snowfall from the trees.

Wellesley Middle School


Hunnewell School, snow day #2, 2017
Hunnewell School and its treasured White Oak tree.


Wellesley snow day #2, 2017
Snow-clearing crew in Linden Square.


Wellesley Snow day #2, 2017 Town Hall

Wellesley snow day #2, 2017
Sugar maple tree at Elm Bank Reservation, Massachusetts Horticultural Society.


Wellesley snow day #2, 2017