Wellesley wants your input on the Unified Plan — take a survey, send an email

Wellesley Unified PlanThe Wellesley Unified Plan process continues to move forward, and the town invites residents to take a short survey based on the Draft Vision and Values Statement. If you’re feeling survey deja vu, you’re not going crazy. First there was a Kick-off Survey, which remained open through early January 2017.

Next, this new Vision and Values Statement survey’s purpose is to gather more information about how residents envision an ideal Wellesley in approximately 20 years, as the town comes closer to solidifying a Vision and Values Statement. Crafting the Statement is an essential part of the process, because the wording of the Statement will guide the preparation and implementation of the Unified Plan.

Residents have been out in force to put in their two cents about Wellesley’s future. Back in December 2016, more than 65 Wellesley residents gathered in the High School to discuss their views of and experiences in Wellesley, and to identify shared values in order to develop a vision and a set of goals to help guide decision-making regarding the town’s future. Hot topics: transportation; the town’s sense of community; commitment to youth and the public schools; business and employment; infrastructure; community diversity and inclusiveness; and more.

From there, between January 18 and 25, more than 100 residents were in attendance at three neighborhood visioning workshops. The Town’s 8 precincts were divided into three planning districts made up of adjacent precincts with similar character. Attendees broke into groups to discuss specific issues in their neighborhoods and comment on a draft vision for the Unified Plan.

If you were unable to attend the forum or a workshop, you can still review the Draft Vision and Values Statement and send your comments and suggestions to info@wellesleyunifiedplan.com. The deadline to submit your comments is February 17.

Also, remember to take the survey. It’s open until March 6.


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