Wellesley wonders what’s up with driving school (UPDATE: School website/phone # now up)

Wellesley Driving School

UPDATE (2/26/17): Wellesley Driving School’s website is back up, with links to calendars, an email address and a working phone number.


We’ve gotten questions about Wellesley Driving School from readers wondering why the school’s website is down and its main business number disconnected, and what that might mean for the future of the 151 Linden St. business. We left a voicemail using an additional number listed on the company’s front door, but haven’t heard back yet.

One concerned parent said that her daughter, whose instruction is fully paid, has just started her driving hours and that the school hasn’t answered the phone or returned calls for days. She says, “…their web site went down and phone got disconnected. The coordinator uses a cell phone to communicate with students and is also not answering.”

Wellesley Driving School is listed on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles list of Driving Instructor Training Course approved schools.

According to Wellesley Driving School’s Better Business Bureau profile, the business opened in 1985.