Old MacDonald to have a farm in Wellesley’s Linden Square?

Freight Farms, a Boston-based company that retrofits shipping containers with vertical farming technology, is partnering with Federal Realty Investment Trust, the people who brought you Linden Square. Together, they hope to transform the asphalt jungle of unused parking spaces in Linden Square into productive “farmland” capable in a 320 square-foot shipping container of producing the same amount of food as two acres of traditionally imagined fields.

Freight Farms, Leafy Green Machine
Freight Farms says that its flagship product, the Leafy Green Machine, can grow 2 acres worth of food in 320 square feet. Photo credit, Freight Farms.

This is all in the very early stages, but if there are any local farmers out there who are interested, perhaps this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.