UPDATE: Family of child hit by vehicle in Wellesley flooded with community support

UPDATE on the eight-year old boy who suffered significant injuries when he was hit on May 18 by a black Acura SUV on Cedar St. in the driveway of Schofield Elementary School:

The Fiske School PTO has put out a statement to the community expressing its thanks for the community support that has followed in wake of the accident. The following is an excerpt from that email and other updates:

It is very gratifying to know that you all serve as a beacon of love and support in our community.  The Staunton family would like to express their deep gratitude and let you know how very blessed they feel having received your countless emails, notes, cards and other tokens of kindness.  We are comforted by the fact that the Dominic’s condition is trending favorably.  However, there are numerous challenges still ahead.

Dominic’s recovery continues and has entered a new phase. The family and his medical team have moved past the immediate crisis and are now beginning to focus on injury management. He has moments of wakefulness in which he shows his strength, and his doctors and nurses have all commented on how feisty he is.

There are many ways to support the family.

To make a donation please visit the crowdfunding page set up by a family friend. Contributions will help finance some of the family’s unexpected medical and life expenses in the near term. If there is something specific that you wish us to address, feel free to send an email to fiskecares@gmail.com.  The Fiske Cares inbox has been flooded with a tremendous outpouring of support from throughout our Wellesley community, for which we are very grateful.  Therefore, please keep in mind that a response may take longer than usual.  Thank you once again for your continued support and prayers.