Wellesley takes stab at translating Lake Waban legalese

wellesley notice lake waban


When Swellesley reader LR spotted one of these notices about easements at Lake Waban in Wellesley, she wondered what the heck they were all about. We seem to think these pop up annually, but not being fluid in legalese ourselves, we turned to our Facebook followers, for some translation, and of course they delivered.

QR wrote: “This is our land, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. It really is. And now you know so you have no excuse for pretending otherwise. Well you may NOT know, because our sign was virtually incomprehensible, but the fact that we told you will stand up in court all the same.”

Or cue the music for this adaptation: “This land is our land, this land is our land, from the sculpted forests to that little gate over there … this land is our land this land is owowowr land, this land is really just for me. As you were walking, that ribbon of pathway, you saw some houses, that’s private pro-per-ty, you saw below you, a public water way … this land is really just for me …”

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