Fastachi opening nuts shop in Wellesley this fall

Fastachi Wellesley

Fastachi, which runs shops selling roasted and chocolate-covered nuts in Boston and Watertown, will be launching a store in Wellesley’s Church Square this fall. The opening should satisfy those in town begging for a break from storefront fillers — such as banks and real estate offices — that don’t smell quite as good. Who knows, maybe Fastachi could become for Church Square what Wasik’s Cheese Shop is for Wellesley Square in terms of its wafting-ness.

While we knew last week when we reported that “Wellesley could soon go nuts” that Fastachi was coming, we were unable to get confirmation then from those close to the operation about this virtual state secret.

But now a sign is up on the papered-over windows of 24 Church St., which previously housed NRO Kids, so it’s officially official. Fastachi’s Susan Etyemezian says “We have been wanting to open a store in Wellesley for a while now, and when the space became available we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity; timing is everything.  We feel Wellesley is the right fit for Fastachi.”

Etyemezian pledges that “We will deliver the Fastachi Experience.  A buying experience that captures all the senses – sight, smell, taste touch and sound.” Not to mention “concierge customer service.”

Fastachi, which one friend wth exquisite taste told us is “my favorite nut store”, is run by Susan and Souren Etyemezian. Souren got started in the business in 1990 in Belmont, then moved the shop to Watertown and opened another on Charles Street in Boston, specializing in roasted nuts from from almonds to cashews and hazelnuts to pecans. Fastachi says it brings out the flavor of its specially selected nuts through a hand-roasting process involving small batches and steel drums.

Fastachi, which does a booming online business as well, also sells raw nuts, dried fruits and assorted mixes and gift sets.

Sample prices are $14 for a pound of roasted almonds and $40 for a pound of assorted chocolates. So, we’re not talking peanuts here when it comes to these gourmet treats, but a few trips to Fastachi might not break the bank either. Though if it does, you know where to find another bank around here… just not on Church Street.

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