Pan-Mass Challenge riders to cycle through Wellesley Aug. 5 & 6

Pan-Mass ChallengeGet ready to make way as hundreds of cyclists this weekend whiz through Wellesley in a bid to raise money for cancer research and treatment for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. The Aug. 5 – 6  Pan-Mass Challenge annual cycling event is one that attracts thousands of riders every year who train for months and tirelessly fundraise to support the fight against cancer in kids and adults.  Many of the riders will start and finish at Babson College. The goal for the overall event, which will feature more than 5,500 riders who individually will ride one or two-day routes that range from 47 to 190, is to raise $46 million.

Riders will be heading off from host Babson College at 7am Saturday, with some circling back to Wellesley, and others going to Bourne or Provincetown over the weekend. Here are the route details as the race goes through town: At 7am on Saturday, the riders will pass through Forest St and continue towards Needham on route to Bourne. At 7:30am on Sunday Aug. 3, riders will depart Wellesley through Forest St and continue towards Needham. Cyclists will return to Wellesley by Forest St to end at Babson College between 8am and 1:10pm (so you might want to avoid driving in those areas at that time but find a way over there to cheer riders alongside the route).

The weather forecast is calling for a high of 80 degrees and some rain on Saturday followed by temperatures in the 70s and partly cloudy skies on Sunday.  Good luck riders, and may the wind be at your backs, your gear changes all be smooth, and your tires remain inflated.

Good luck, Wellesley residents:

Robert Adler
Laurel Archibald
Ashley Bernon
Moe Blaustein
Jesse Boehm
Michael Brennan
Grant Brown
Michael Brown
Carie Capossela
Bill Carrigan
Edward Chazen
Karl Cheng
Ted Clark
Mark Coffey
Jarrett Collins
Dan Cullaty
Kit Cunningham
James DeCaprio
Bonni DiMatteo
Anna Dormitzer
Gary Duvall
Elliot Silver
Paul Enderle
Timothy Ernst
Jonathan Ettinger
Morgan Ettinger
Wendy Fischman
Thomas Goemaat
John Goldberg
Scott Griffith
Barbara Gross
Christopher Harding
Mark Hill
Ben Howe
Justin Hupp
Lisa Hughes
Kathleen Ix
Robert Ix
Robbie Ix
Rina Jha
Luke Johnson
Meg Johnson
Sara Johnson
Lori Johnston
Durham Jones
Ken Jones
Andrew Kessler
Brian Kinney
Daniel Kopin
Jason Kropp
Paul Laviolette
Stephen Leonard
Bob Leonhardt
Susan Levine
Jennifer Ligibel
George Logue
Tod Loofbourrow
Francis Nemia
Adam Newman
Katherine Macdonald
Kevin Macdonald
William Maynard
Sean Milano
Erik Nelson
Chip Norton
Michael Noto
Chris O’Connell
John O’Connell
Laura Olton
Federico Papa
Ann Power
John Power
Michael Prakken
Sue Prakken
Patti Quigley
Roger Randall
William Rieders
Riley Casey
Kate Roosevelt
Rob Rosen
Ted Rudich
Emily Saperstone
Nancy Saperstone
Peter Saperstone
Eric Scharmer
Jackson Smith
Billy Starr
Sophia Starr
Robert Smith
Lawrence Specht
Peter Swaim
Sara Swaim
Jonathan Teplow
Walter Tsui
Andrew Wagner
Paul Weiner
Jeff Wickham
Lee Wickham
Sam Wickham
Al Wiegman
Andrew Wigren
Nancy Williamson