Wellesley Green Schools invites you to Thursday, Sept. 28 meeting

Wellesley Green Schools SummitCome join Wellesley Green Schools on Thursday, September 28, 9:30am at 13 Aberdeen Road, Wellesley to hear about the group’s latest terrific Wellesley Green School initiatives.

Wellesley Green Schools, a non-profit, started as a few parents interested in environmental issues within the schools. Since then, it has grown to become a significant, proactive part of school and town culture. We have developed incredible partnerships with local and national leaders, town departments, and school administrators, and of course our children and families. These partnerships help us inform our community about issues which effect all of us, and provide residents and students with opportunities to learn about the ways in which their choices influence the future and their health.

Green Teams and Wellesley Green Schools (for public AND private schools) empowers both students and adults, providing an outlet to take actions and make a real difference. You can get involved in a variety of ways, both big and small, or just come check us out. Please contact info@sustainablewellesley.com. Check out www.sustainablewellesley.com/wellesley-green-schools/ for lots of helpful information.